4/21/12: the 2012 Farm Bill Petition

Support Local Foods in the Farm Bill!

Next week Congress will begin drafting the 2012 Farm Bill, which is written every five years and is the “single biggest factor in determining what ends up on your plate,” according to the Environmental Working Group. Every year billions of dollars in subsidies are given to large agribusiness for growing commodities such as corn, soy, and cotton. We are urging you to help tell the senate to pass a farm bill that supports local, organic farmers who do not have the lobbying power of large corporations.

We outlined the importance of eating according to climate in our article Are you eating too healthy? The importance of sodium and eating according to climate and in addition, locally grown foods are more fresh, nutritious, and free of contaminants compared to imported foods with long transit times. We can’t think of any reason NOT to support local farmers. CREDO Action has teamed up with the Environmental Working Group to create a petition that requests a Farm Bill that supports struggling farm families, promotes organic farming, increases access to local food, protects land and water and helps feed low-income children. Sign the petition today!

Written and posted by Jessica Cerka in New York

Image credit: Peter Blanchard at Flickr under a Creative Commons License
Sources: Credoaction.com; Environmental Working Group; The Worst Farm Bill Ever? By Tom Philpott
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