Our Favorite Non-Toxic Deodorant

It has been interesting experimenting with various non-toxic deodorant over the years. After trying many forms, ranging from the crystal rock to tea tree and patchouli scented roll ons, we have finally narrowed down some good ones. The criteria was based on having a simple and safe ingredient list, free of parabens, aluminum, alcohol, propylene glycol, and triclosan. Amongst our short list were some pretty strange scents, so the next level of filtering factored in fragrance. The top choices below are pleasant and effective deodorants, with no white residue or staining. All are available at Whole Foods and online as indicated.

#1 Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Roll-On in Pomegranate

This is a liquid form of the well known “crystal rock” which uses natural mineral salts to fight against bacteria that causes odor. While the rock form can be abrasive and often painful to rub on sensitive underarms, this liquid form is much easier to apply and the liquid allows for more product to be dispersed. The pomegranate scent is divine, although more suitable for women. What we like most is that it is long lasting compared to other natural deodorants, the fresh pomegranate smell is lovely and lingers throughout the day. The natural salts seem to provide a sort of drying effect, similar to antiperspirant without the aluminum chlorohydrate. Retails for $11.99 at

#2 Natural Grooming by Herban Cowboy “Wild” Maximum Protection Deodorant

This is a clear stick in a base of food grade propanediol, a 100% corn derived glycol which is different from the commonly used propylene glycol that has properties similar to those of highly toxic ethylene glycol. What we like most about this deodorant is the scent which is slightly musky and suitable for both men and women! The packaging also makes it very appropriate for a dude to put in his cabinet or shaving kit without feeling too crunchy. Retails for $8.56 at

#3 Green Beaver Natural Deodorant in Citrus Scent

Made is Canada, Green Beaver has a cute name and nondescript packaging that is not too fruity. The scent is very mild, but since it’s hardly detectable, the protection against odor is also light. Green Beaver is good for sleeveless tops in the summertime when things remain breezy throughout the day. Retails for $5.99 at

Written and posted by: Jessica Cerka in New York

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