Black Elderberry

Prevent Cold and Flu with Black Elderberry

After being surrounded by sickies this week, we were desperate for an emergency immune boost. We have so far battled the bacteria/virus in question. Below is the ultimate cold and flu defense combo that we now swear by.

Sambucol Cold & Flu Relief These quick dissolve tablets contain a homeopathic formula of black elderberry extract and include immune-boosting zinc and sulphur (among other ingredients). Black elderberry is rich in immune-supporting flavonoids and anti-oxidants. Black elderberry is also very high in vitamin C and contains vitamin A and B6, iron and calcium. Black elderberry combats viral infection by preventing the virus from entering healthy cells. The antiviral agent strips the virus of the hemagglutinin coating it uses for entering healthy cells, which has been confirmed in research studies published in The Journal of International Medical Research and The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Take as soon as the symptoms begin and to repeat every 3 hours as needed. 1 package of 30 costs around $13.00. Available online and in these stores in the US and Canada.

EBOOST at first glance may seem like an expensive version of Emergen-C, but here is why it may be more effective. EBOOST contains a host of vitamins and minerals in addition to extracts from green tea leaves, grape seed, and astragalus, a powerful immune booster that stimulates white blood cell production and defends against viruses and other cell-invaders. Astragalus contains anti bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties. EBOOST is available online and in stores in the US and Canada.

Luden’s Honey Lemon Throat Drops are a mildly soothing and great tasting alternative to the often harsh Halls and funky tasting Ricola. Luden’s contain 1.0 mg of menthol, an oral anesthetic in a lower concentration compared to the amount found in the Halls brand. These are perfect if your symptoms are still mild and you are just looking for relief from dry or mild irritation. Available online and in pharmacies across the US.

Urban Clinic’s Very Own Ginger Lemon Tea! For extra soothing benefits use local honey instead of agave or stevia. NYC’s Ciao For Now cafe has a great version that features all natural and organic ingredients for only $2.25.

Written and posted by Jessica Cerka in New York

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